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Bibliography of Catalogues

Published by Pyms Gallery, London 1980 - 2005

2005 William Laffan: John Butler Yeats, ‘Friendship Portraits’
2004 British and Irish Works on Paper, 1900-2000,
2003 Foreword by David Park: Intimate Interiors, Silent Landscapes: New Works by Colin Watson
2002 William Laffan et al: The Art of a Nation - Three Centuries of Irish Painting
2001 William Laffan: Colin Watson, The Sensuality of the Shade
Anne Crookshank, The Knight of Glin, Nichola Figgis, Brendan Rooney, Patrick Healy, (ed. William Laffan): The Sublime and the Beautiful - Irish Art 1700 - 1830
2000 Kenneth McConkey: Edwardian Pre-Raphaelites - The Art of John and Mary Young Hunter
William Laffan: Robert Fagan in Sicily - The Acton Family Portrait
Sarah Wilson: Colin Watson, Paintings of Mood and Place
1999 Kenneth McConkey, introduction by Hector McDonnell: Live Eels and Juicy Fruits - City Scenes and Interiors by Hector McDonnell
Anne Crookshank, The Knight of Glin, William Laffan: Masterpieces by Irish Artists (1660 - 1860)
1998 Andrew George: Edwardian Impressionists - The Art of Harry Mitton Wilson (1887 - 1923)
Kenneth McConkey: John Singer Sargent's A Spanish Woman (Gigia Viani)
Mary and Alan Hobart: An Exhibition of Paintings by Mary Swanzy H.R.H.A (1882 - 1978)
1996 Kenneth McConkey, Essay: Truth to Nature - French, British and Irish Painting of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
1995 John Hayes: The Holloway Gainsborough
1993 Jonathan Bennington, Kenneth McConkey, et al.: An Ireland Imagined, Irish Paintings and Drawings 1860 - 1960
1991 Kenneth McConkey et al.: Orpen at Howth
Kenneth McConkey et al.: Life and Landscape - in French, British and Irish Painting at the Turn of the Century
1990 Kenneth McConkey: A Free Spirit - Irish Art 1860 - 1960 joint publication with The Antique Collectors Club
1989 Fionnuala Brennan: Mary Swanzy, H.R.H.A. (1882 - 1978)
1988 Andrew George et al.:Mentors and Mementoes, an Exhibition of Works with Romantic and Historical Associations by Charles Oakley - supported by Northern Arts
1987 Kenneth McConkey et al.: Orpen and the Edwardian Era
1986 Kenneth McConkey, Jonathan Bennington et al.: Irish Renascence - Irish Art in a Century of Change
Julian Campbell: Paintings by Mary Swanzy, H.R.H.A. (1882 - 1978)
Kenneth McConkey et al.: Lost Illusions, Works with Romantic and Historical Associations by Charles Oakley, in association with the Arts Council of Northern Ireland
1985 Kenneth McConkey, Jonathan Bennington et al.: Celtic Splendour - An Exhibition of Irish Paintings and Drawings
Kenneth McConkey, et al.: Impressions and Realities - An Exhibition of British, French and Irish Paintings, 1850 - 1930
1984 Kenneth McConkey, Caroline Fox, Gabriel Weisberg et al: Rural and Urban Images - An Exhibition of British and French painting 1870 - 1920
Mary Hobart, Annette Wilson: Charles Oakley's Trompe L'Oeil Tableaux, Works with Romantic and Historical Associations
1983 Bruce Arnold, Kenneth McConkey, G.P. Weisberg et al.: Autumn Anthology - An Exhibition of British French and Irish Paintings
Mary Hobart, Annette Wilson: William James Yule (1867 - 1900), A Scottish Impressionist
1982 Janet Barnes: Percy Horton, Artist and Absolutionist 1897 - 1970, Sheffield, September 1982, in association with Graves Art Gallery, Newcastle Polytechnic Gallery and City Museum and Art Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent
Mary Hobart, Foreword by Bruce Arnold: The Irish Revival
1981 Kenneth McConkey et al.: Edwardian Impressions - An Exhibition of Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Paintings
Bruce Arnold: William Orpen - Early Work
Mary Hobart: Marine and Coastal Paintings and Watercolours of the 19th and Early 20th Century
1980 Mary Hobart, Foreword by E.H.H. Archibald: 19th and early 20th Century Marine and Coastal Paintings and Watercolours

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