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Edwardian Pre-Raphaelites, The Art of John and Mary Young Hunter

8th June - 28th July 2000

The Moose Travoix, by John Young Hunter, 1914

The Moose Travoix (d.1914)
John Young Hunter
Tempera on canvas
24 x 42 in
61 x 107 cm
Inscribed, 'J Young Hunter, 1914', lower centre
Exhibited: London Royal Academy, 1914, (631)
Literature: Pictures of the Year, Pall Mall Magazine 'Extra', 1914,p. 88

One of the three 'red indian' paintings shown at the Royal Academy in 1914 The Moose Travoix is that which most clearly addresses the difficult conditions under which many native Americans now subsisted. John Young Hunter's recent expedition through the far mid-west states up to the Canadian border had taken him along the trail which many of the retreating Indian tribes followed in the 1870s. He was attracted to their way of life, their richly patterned costumes and the inventive ways they adopted in order to move their belongings from place to place. In this case a moose has been harnessed to a 'travoix' or rough sledge. The Indian is wearing a jacket made from a Hudson Bay blanket and the bead work on the moose is Athapascan.

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