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Edwardian Pre-Raphaelites, The Art of John and Mary Young Hunter

8th June - 28th July 2000

By the Fireside, by Mary Young Hunter

By the Fireside (d.c1903)
Mary Young Hunter
Oil on cardboard
12 x 16 in
30.5 x 40.5 cm
Signed bottom right, 'Mary Y. Hunter'
Exhibited: London,Fine Art Society, Figure Pictures in oil,
tempera and watercolour by J Young Hunter and Mary Y Hunter,
Literature: AL Baldry, 'The Work of Mr and Mrs J Young Hunter', The Studio, vol. 28, 1903, p.278 (illus) Chester, 1908, p. 495

By the Fireside claims an extraordinary lineage in the art of the recent past. Its most obvious origin lies in Richard Redgrave's The Sempstress 1846 (Forbes Magazine Collection), a work which depicts a poor woman sewing by candlelight. Many variants on this theme followed and the whole mise-en-scène of the humble interior was scaled up to take the more complex narratives of the Newlyn and other naturalist painters in the 1880s and 1890s. Painting at the turn of the century, Mary Young Hunter returns this particular genre to its source. By the Fireside is a simple rendering of a girl staring into the glowing coals.

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