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John Young Hunter at the time of his marriage in 1899

Edwardian Pre-Raphaelites

The Art of John and Mary Young Hunter

8th June - 28th July 2000

Mary Towgood, dressed for her wedding

Seekers,'Where shall Wisdom be Found?', by Mary Young Hunter
The Philosopher of Ferney, by  John Young Hunter, 1901
Dreaming by a Pond, by Mary Young Hunter
By the Fireside, by Mary Young Hunter
Musing by Giffords' Fireside, by John Young Hunter, 1903
The Bow in the Cloud, by Mary Young Hunter, c.1906
THE ART OF JOHN AND MARY YOUNG HUNTER is a rediscovery. It comes from a period of British painting which can still be described as illustrious and unknown. The early histories of the Edwardian years looked no further than the work of the Camden Town Painters for a home-grown reflection of what was happening in European art and neglected the alternative traditions which were clearly apparent to The Royal Academy and New Gallery visitors in the period. Only following John Christian's exhibition, The Last Romantics, at the Barbican Art Gallery in 1989, was it possible to argue for a whole group of painters whose status up to that point had been marginal. We now realise that the art of the period was infinitely richer than we had imagined and that it included many painters who merit further investigation.

John and Mary Young Hunter are two important examples. Their story was an extraordinary one involving priviledged access to the great Victorian academicians, to the likes of John Singer Sargent and Edwin Austin Abbey as well as to the world of theatre and the Ballets Russes. And then, lauded in North America, they left England to join important art colonies in the western states, where they remained for the rest of their days.

Kitzbuhl, by John Young Hunter, 1909
The Flagmender, by John Young Hunter
A Song without Words, by John Young Hunter, 1906
The Shrine, by Mary Young Hunter
The Moose Travoix, by John Young Hunter, 1914
Girl in a Bonnet, by Mary Young Hunter

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